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Now is the time to be bold in our message and remind ourselves of who we are, what we value, and how we want our children to treat one another.

Your support and involvement are vital to our success. Together, we can elect Mike Morgan as  North Carolina’s next Governor and build a state that values unity, education, economic prosperity, and respect for all. Join us in this historic journey for a better North Carolina!

1. Volunteer with Mike Morgan

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make a real impact? Join our dedicated team of volunteers and help us rebuild the NC state government.


  1. Phone Banking: Connect with voters and spread the word about Mike Morgan’s vision for North Carolina.
  2. Canvassing: Hit the streets and engage with our community members directly.
    Event Support: Assist in organizing and coordinating campaign events.
  3. Data Entry: Help us keep our campaign running smoothly by providing essential technical support.
  4. Social Media Ambassadors: Spread the campaign message through your online networks.

2. Contribute

Contribute to Mike Morgan’s Campaign

Your financial support is essential to help us reach every corner of North Carolina.Every contribution, no matter the size, gets us closer to victory. Your donation will assist us in mailings to potential donors, yard signs for voter turnout, palm cards for events and TV and digital ads to drive people to the polls.

Contribute now via ActBlue and invest in a brighter future for North Carolina!

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Contribute to Mike Morgan’s Campaign

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5. Attend an Event

Join Us at Campaign Events

Be part of the action by attending our campaign events. Check out our Events Page for information on upcoming gatherings, rallies, and opportunities to meet Mike Morgan in person.