Mike Morgan


I am running for Governor because I have a vision for North Carolina. I want to recapture our values of community and caring for each other. I want to lead North Carolina forward to a future of economic prosperity, a sound, basic, public education, access to affordable healthcare, jobs that pay a living wage and provide dignity to ALL our people. With dedication, strength, and the will to work together, North Carolina can once again be a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

I have dedicated my career to upholding justice and fairness for all North Carolinians. I have been an advocate for justice and a staunch defender of the rule of law.

At age 8, I was the first Black student to integrate the Trent Park Elementary School in New Bern, NC. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. But I turned the struggles into fuel for my fire. I have faced difficult challenges my whole life. I was the drum major for my high school band – the ambassador for the school and our town.

I have a unique combination of educational background, lived experience, and unique set of leadership skills to be our next Governor. I have worked in North Carolina State Government for 44 years. I have served as a judge in North Carolina for 34 years. I believe in justice. I believe in the people of North Carolina.



Fighting for Fairness, Equal Opportunity, & Freedom:

With over three decades of experience in the judiciary, I’ve dedicated my career to upholding justice and fairness for all North Carolinians. I’ve been a staunch defender of the rule of law.

Equal Opportunity Advocate:

After leaving the bench, I’ve taken up the duty to rebuild our state, ensuring equal opportunities for all children and families. Our state deserves leadership that prioritizes the well-being of every citizen.

Champion Against Injustice:

I’ve faced adversity throughout my life, from being the first Black student to integrate my elementary school in New Bern to confronting bullies. Now, I’m prepared to stand up to the divisive forces that threaten our state’s progress.

Mike Morgan in community

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Together, we can rekindle the generous soul of our state, uphold the values we cherish, and ensure a better future for all North Carolinians.